Thursday, February 4, 2010

It gets busy but it feeds me...

Before I really got back into photography I use to sit on the couch a lot of a weekend and let the time pass.  I might limit, yes limit.  I'd limit myself to booking in one outing for the weekend and that was it and now I've got this thirst to book myself solid with an opportunity to shoot, shoot, shoot!  It's odd, when I was really into motorcycling it was great then I became sick of it after working in the industry. Bikes were the last thing I wanted to look at and then there was this period between photography and cars/bikes where I just didn't have any inspiration.

Now that a camera is what I grab with my wallet as I walk out the door it also gives me a reason to improve my blogging with something to write about.

Write frequently, improve.  I need to improve on my blogging, I need to excercise the ol' vernacular and it's much like what I do with my photography.  Shoot frequently and improve.

Saturday had me shooting with Nicole, Laura & Aimee and it was a lot of fun.  Special thanks to Gary who brought in his spankin' XP Falcon. I got to practice my photography and practice my directing skills.  Skills I want to weild with confidence.

I do love being part of shoots like this as it gives me a rare opportunity to be purely creative.

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