Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The people you meet...

eddings are a fabulous day.  If your coverage is but a scant five hours or a sixteen hour odyssey the time flies and always has me feeding off the energy of the day.

"Have you eaten Al?"  That's the most often asked question as I hate to miss an opportunity however during Chris & Tracey's wedding I had a chat to Tracey's mum.  As we looked out to Bass Strait with the sun caressing the cove discussing that great experience that is life she turned to me grabbed my arm and said, "I hope your photography will get you a view like this to enjoy for the rest of your life."

Well heck, I'm not just hoping for that to happen.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's the little things...

When you're in awe of the final big picture you tend to forget the little things that pulled it all together.

People, props, conversations or that fella that let you in, in traffic.

Over the coming weeks I'll feature a few items that will bring a shoot together.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm aching all over but it's worth it...

Yes, that ache through my shoulders, that salt on my skin was all from pressing a shutter.

No really!  I was just pressing that shutter a few thousand times this weekend.  A wedding saw me looking over a cove in Sorrento and being included in the groom's speech.  It makes it worthwhile when you're shooting for the salt of the earth and they take the time to really thank you from the bottom of their heart.

Thank you for having me Chris & Tracey!

Now I just need to sort through your shots, the cull is complete and now the processing has begun!

Sunday was a big ol' rush.  Wake up, pack the car and buster down to the National Water Sports Centre to watch a small round of the National Drag Boat finals thanks to an invite from Maggie's contractors at DTE Plumbing.  Troy & Paul are father & son and each race XL-erator & Puff. Due to the small meet they started late so I didn't get to see too much beyond practice but I've been invited back by the orgnaisation as Photographer next month. ;)


11:30, move on.  My uncle John is in town from Sydney and over lunch dad mentions that John is getting married later in the year.  Awesome!  Way too many dumplings and bean curd rolls were consumed before I shot off to Oakleigh to record some dance but I was lucky, so very lucky to be bestowed the enthusiasm and talent of Grace and Sarah. With Sarah we tried to build up several movements to create a monster of a movement.  It was one of the smaller movements that took my breath away and here it is because a post without a photo means nothing!

Monday, April 5, 2010

There's a few things I love...

My dogs and my missus are the most forgiving and understanding of all my worldly "possessions" and we spend a great deal of meaningful time together but this month marks the leash free season at the majority of local beaches in Melbourne which is a great time for us and our dogs.  Kody gets plenty of water to play in and Pokie enjoys the wide expanse of 'track' to sprint on when he's not feeling too clingy.

The weather is great for it at the moment as it means I'm very willing to wade out into the water with Kody.  As the days become shorter though the winter warmers will be put on for each walk.  It's not so bad walking down Carrum beach during winter but the walk back reminds us that it really is winter as we walk against the chilling winter wind.