Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lisa & Joel

I'm getting a hang of this wedding thing but it still challenges me. 

Challenge, what a word.  It's like using "nice," it's kind of clinical, kind of boring, it hides more than what I'm letting on. 

Weddings, they seem great as I approach the day.  On the day I get a little nervous, a little anxious but drive through it trying to cover the good angles and let the day flow.  Whilst I'm buried in the emotion of the day it's great!  People are happy, there's a few stories that get whispered and I get to meet some fantastic people it's great but the next day I'll sit in front of the computer ready to process and I feel I've acheived little.

I plug through it, delete a few here, process a few there.  Black & white?  Hmmm, works well here.  A little warmth there.  The photos grow, they come alive.  The energy of the day is recreated and I begin to love it.

My oh my what a rollercoaster. 

Thank you Lisa & Joel.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The best weekend yet


It started off a little uninspiring as I bummed around Tony Ryan's Studio while everyone else got stuck into shooting with their models.

Ross my team mate for the Flickr strobist meet started shooting and I sorta-kinda shot as well but was getting as much inspiration from my shots as I was putting in.

Sweet F.A.

Lunch came and went and the gears started turning...slowly. Gradually I was getting back into my creative groove and then they started humming along nicely when I got a knudge, "Al, we're off to the laneway again. The Mustang is coming out."


I love painting a scene and creating a story with my photography and shooting with the Mustang really helped bring all of that out.

After that it was a quick blast home from Northcote to pick up my missus and celebrate a mate's birthday. Joe is a Country Fire Authority member and recently gave up a bit of his time to concrete our driveway and patio. Shooting his family and doing a simple couple portrait, whilst a little inebriated was the least I could do!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Splash and dash

A quick note.

I'm off for a shoot tomorrow but not before working on the old gate and hanging it....Maggie and I have a new concrete driveway! YAY!

That's the first thing in the morning, then the shoot, then birthday party.

Long day but soooo worth it.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I can't begin to describe the excitement, the elation and the satisfaction I feel when someone tags my flickr account.

Another fan of my work! Yay! It drives me on to acheive more and boy do I ever feel that much better about what I'm doing with this whole photography milarky.

During my work week when I've got a few moments to myself I load up the Canon User's Forum and my Flickr "groups" page ready to open up a new tab when time presents itself and to wonder through the pools. Some days the thumbnails hide a treasure and sometimes...well, I'll say it's dissapointing but most times the tiny image is an accurate depiction of what lays beneath.

When I hit a great image, I'll add it as a fav or leave a comment but if I'm pressed for time I'll copy the shortcut into a email I leave open all day. This email contains all the links to interesting galleries, shots, articles, etc that I find so I can read them in depth at home during my wind down from work.

Today, Ross Barker caught my eye in the Strobist Photo Pool with a beautiful head shot. I saw the thumbnail and said, "Wow." Once I'd added it as a fav that was it, Monday ran it's natural course as the busiest day of the week however when I got home I'd found that Ross had added me as a contact, YAY!

I love a tight headshot like Ross's. Bright eyes, high cheeks, every lash lovingly teased out and lighting that helps accentuate all those details. I also prefer that she hasn't had her skin smoothed out to buggery it detracts from the intimacy that comes with a headshot.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Handy tips for the Second Photographer

2nd Photographer. Most people sign on for the experience so they can improve themselves and at the end of the day "myself" is all they think of.

The first time I shot a wedding as 2nd, yes, I was lucky enough to be given a free run and some opportunities to develop but when it came down to it I was there to support the photographer.

I've been reminded of that wedding because of a post made by Jasmine Star. There were two things I should have done better.

The first was my dress sense. Although I was smartly dressed I didn't dress to the same standard as the photographer I was supporting.

The second was to know where everything was in the gear bags. I was able to work everything but was fumbling trying to locate gear.

I think I'll easily do better on the next round which is odd as I was swinging toward NEVER shooting weddings again after the first. Reflection tends to change you.

For now have a wonder through Jasmine's blog, I really do admire her style. Her blog design is "to die for." ;)