Monday, September 7, 2009


I can't begin to describe the excitement, the elation and the satisfaction I feel when someone tags my flickr account.

Another fan of my work! Yay! It drives me on to acheive more and boy do I ever feel that much better about what I'm doing with this whole photography milarky.

During my work week when I've got a few moments to myself I load up the Canon User's Forum and my Flickr "groups" page ready to open up a new tab when time presents itself and to wonder through the pools. Some days the thumbnails hide a treasure and sometimes...well, I'll say it's dissapointing but most times the tiny image is an accurate depiction of what lays beneath.

When I hit a great image, I'll add it as a fav or leave a comment but if I'm pressed for time I'll copy the shortcut into a email I leave open all day. This email contains all the links to interesting galleries, shots, articles, etc that I find so I can read them in depth at home during my wind down from work.

Today, Ross Barker caught my eye in the Strobist Photo Pool with a beautiful head shot. I saw the thumbnail and said, "Wow." Once I'd added it as a fav that was it, Monday ran it's natural course as the busiest day of the week however when I got home I'd found that Ross had added me as a contact, YAY!

I love a tight headshot like Ross's. Bright eyes, high cheeks, every lash lovingly teased out and lighting that helps accentuate all those details. I also prefer that she hasn't had her skin smoothed out to buggery it detracts from the intimacy that comes with a headshot.

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