Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lisa & Joel

I'm getting a hang of this wedding thing but it still challenges me. 

Challenge, what a word.  It's like using "nice," it's kind of clinical, kind of boring, it hides more than what I'm letting on. 

Weddings, they seem great as I approach the day.  On the day I get a little nervous, a little anxious but drive through it trying to cover the good angles and let the day flow.  Whilst I'm buried in the emotion of the day it's great!  People are happy, there's a few stories that get whispered and I get to meet some fantastic people it's great but the next day I'll sit in front of the computer ready to process and I feel I've acheived little.

I plug through it, delete a few here, process a few there.  Black & white?  Hmmm, works well here.  A little warmth there.  The photos grow, they come alive.  The energy of the day is recreated and I begin to love it.

My oh my what a rollercoaster. 

Thank you Lisa & Joel.

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