Thursday, January 28, 2010

A big day

What are you doing on Australia day?

Not this year.  Maggie and I started off helping her brother move his fish tank out of his townhouse and into our home which ain't an easy task considering the tank itself is 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep and just as tall and you CAN'T forget about the cabinet it sits on either!  It's a tight squeeze in our little home but we'll foster them until he can find a more permanent home.  That was half the day.

After tearing it all down and putting it all back together Maggie and I finally got rid of our two motorcycles.  Lots of fun times but priorities change and we'll be back soon enough anyway.  The Super Tenere went to a mate I know through photography whilst Maggie's SV was sold to some very close friends and after all the delivering was done it was 7 o'clock and time to buster down to Murrumbeena to enjoy dinner with my dad, sister, brother in-law and her in-laws, Rick & Mary.

Jen & Dave recently overhauled their garden and patio areas in order to reclaim some gorgeous living area in inner suburban Melbourne.  It looks spectacular.


The Chicken may have been a little undercooked but among good company you over look these things.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is my dad...

...and in July 2010 he'll make 66.

This part of my blog is for my dad so I can write here all the memories I've had with him and all the experiences I'll have with him in the future.  On January 19th 2010 he told me he might have pancreatic cancer.  He told me he would rather enjoy his time here and ensure he keeps his quality of life as constant as possible, I smiled.