Sunday, August 29, 2010

Will I be able to play the piano again?

My little fella Murray survived his first dog attack with a few internal stitches, two drainage tubes, an Elizabethian collar and wounded pride because of 'that' collar.

"Stupid, stupid collar!" That seems to be the look on his face as he lays in the corridor, head on paws and fluid dripping down his once pristine white fur!

And I can't blame the guy becuase in terms of dress sense this is a pretty conservative household with Hawaiian shirts being as loud as it gets.  It looks like I won't be getting that 5D Mark II next month but at least this way I know my little buddy has a better chance of keeping his leg next month and that's worth a pallet load of 5D's.

Woah up there, boys and girls!  It get's a little disturbing from here!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I go out walking....

....with the dogs not after midnight.
I wonder if Patsy Cline is on iTunes?

Today I hunkered in and fixed the vacuum cleaner except for it's overheating issue.  It just shuts down which means more time to edit photos, ponder, chase the cats, bark with the dogs at the neighbourhood cats crossing the street.  It all happens down here at Chateau Gardner-Dygut.

Anyhoo, the location of a personal shoot has gone topsy turvy, upside down.  The rains we've been having have turned the forest floor of this place into a vitutal marsh which is just too fragile to trample over for a few hours so I had to find a new location.

Dogs in the car and off we went to try and find a hillside that I've hiked through.  I didn't find it but I did find another suitable location so that was one goal struck off the list. 

My other goal was to just enjoy the walk and keep Pokie from killing a roo.  He'd bolt in one direction, the roos would split up, Pokie would then give up and run in the other direction....bad dog.

Kody being a Lab just loved the wet grass and the occasional puddle.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New blog!

I'm SORTA moving!  

My wedding and portraiture will now be featured on and I'm of two minds as to what will happen with this ol' home on Blogspot.

I would like to give it a new face and keep it for personal shoots and projects but I don't want to blog myself out.

I'll think a little further about this as I like the networking that blogspot offers.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Autumn in Melbourne

I had an opportunity to tie together two long standing shoots.  Two mates and myself have been talking up shooting together to practice our craft.  

"Let's organise a model and we'll shoot somewhere!"

Around the same time when that enthusiasm was reaching a crescendo Autumn, a model from Ohio, had landed in Melbourne was also looking to shoot with me. (Catch her updates of her world trip here)

I had to combine the two events and I did.  We shot at an abandoned Brickworks in Brunswick which was just one great scene after another.  From backgrounds of heavy industrial equipment to an abandoned house and the rich earthy tones in the old kilns themselves this place was just awesome and then some!

This was my favourite composition of the day.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The people you meet...

eddings are a fabulous day.  If your coverage is but a scant five hours or a sixteen hour odyssey the time flies and always has me feeding off the energy of the day.

"Have you eaten Al?"  That's the most often asked question as I hate to miss an opportunity however during Chris & Tracey's wedding I had a chat to Tracey's mum.  As we looked out to Bass Strait with the sun caressing the cove discussing that great experience that is life she turned to me grabbed my arm and said, "I hope your photography will get you a view like this to enjoy for the rest of your life."

Well heck, I'm not just hoping for that to happen.