Sunday, July 4, 2010

I go out walking....

....with the dogs not after midnight.
I wonder if Patsy Cline is on iTunes?

Today I hunkered in and fixed the vacuum cleaner except for it's overheating issue.  It just shuts down which means more time to edit photos, ponder, chase the cats, bark with the dogs at the neighbourhood cats crossing the street.  It all happens down here at Chateau Gardner-Dygut.

Anyhoo, the location of a personal shoot has gone topsy turvy, upside down.  The rains we've been having have turned the forest floor of this place into a vitutal marsh which is just too fragile to trample over for a few hours so I had to find a new location.

Dogs in the car and off we went to try and find a hillside that I've hiked through.  I didn't find it but I did find another suitable location so that was one goal struck off the list. 

My other goal was to just enjoy the walk and keep Pokie from killing a roo.  He'd bolt in one direction, the roos would split up, Pokie would then give up and run in the other direction....bad dog.

Kody being a Lab just loved the wet grass and the occasional puddle.

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