Saturday, November 21, 2009

I grew up with every weekend spent on the ocean.  If I couldn't start dad's dingy I'd swim with my sister and our friends around the boat or to the closest shore which was more often than not a kilometer from the mooring.  I haven't been on a boat since I lived in Brisbane almost a decade ago and as I've found out I don't have my sea legs anymore and have picked up my mum's nausea instead!  Mum loved the boat as much as I but was was always wearing wrist straps to hold off the effects of sea sickness.

My last outing onto the ocean was terrible but out onto the Great Barrier Reef I felt ill and although I did 'purge the evil'.  Once I'd finished feeding the fishes I felt immediately better.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful I felt but let's just say I was set to enjoy the rest of the day like everyone else.  Apparently the quick duck under the railings gave me a little shiner too.

I did stow my gear well before that adventure and didn't take it out for the rest of the trip.  I think some of my nausea was caused by looking through the lens and didn't want a repeat.

The trip out to the reef was made with the wonderful crew of Passions of Paradise.  I highly recommend them as they are great entertainers and fabulous people.  Especially one of our divemasters' who was instrumental in helping Maggie get back into diving.

Simon - our smooth talking, card shuffling divemaster.  The man is an absolute riot.

After two dives and a visit to Michaelmas Cay I can only say with a little sadness that the reef isn't looking it's once colourful self.  I remember swimming as a kid on the reef and the immediate colour and vibrancy of the coral would hit you right in the face!  Giant clams and a few anemone are all that remains of that once vivid memory.  The good new is the fish are still flourishing and looking wonderful!

I hope to go back and take in more of this wonderful sight and be prepared with more photos. ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today Maggie was battling vertigo on top of a giant rock overhanging the gorgeous Joesephine Falls so I could get this self portrait in for the New Zealand edition of Jasmine Star's Workshop! I love my Maggie who is a gorgeous 32 year old today!

She was holding out my main flash to light me up whilst my old favourite was perched on a rock.  The second flash gave me the lovely starburst in the background.

I've been um-ing and ah-ing about entering this competition but the 5th of January will be my 30th and what a lovely way of spending it than in New Zealand and further setting the foundations for my future!

More to come from the trip including a complete lack of shots from our dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef!
I'll explain why in a later post.  ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

On leave...

I'm on leave with my missus in Far North Queensland.  My folks are up here so it's a popular place to go.

From a wet Victoria we stopped in sunny Sydney.

Maggie's mum sent us on the way with sandwiches that I didn't think we'd get through but boy were they great.  A bit heavy on the spanish onions which was quite obvious when we found a quiet corner of the terminal to sit and bust open the zip loc bags.  Two other travellers sitting close by got up and took off!

I'll leave the trip there and with another note as I've got to head on down to mum's resturant for a little dinner.  I have forgotten to upload Burke & Diana's wedding photos for all of you!  I was so excited with that one shot I dismissed having to post further shots, heck, I've delivered the photos to them but I forgot about the fanclub!

I'll try to get some up when I get back home!