Saturday, November 21, 2009

I grew up with every weekend spent on the ocean.  If I couldn't start dad's dingy I'd swim with my sister and our friends around the boat or to the closest shore which was more often than not a kilometer from the mooring.  I haven't been on a boat since I lived in Brisbane almost a decade ago and as I've found out I don't have my sea legs anymore and have picked up my mum's nausea instead!  Mum loved the boat as much as I but was was always wearing wrist straps to hold off the effects of sea sickness.

My last outing onto the ocean was terrible but out onto the Great Barrier Reef I felt ill and although I did 'purge the evil'.  Once I'd finished feeding the fishes I felt immediately better.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful I felt but let's just say I was set to enjoy the rest of the day like everyone else.  Apparently the quick duck under the railings gave me a little shiner too.

I did stow my gear well before that adventure and didn't take it out for the rest of the trip.  I think some of my nausea was caused by looking through the lens and didn't want a repeat.

The trip out to the reef was made with the wonderful crew of Passions of Paradise.  I highly recommend them as they are great entertainers and fabulous people.  Especially one of our divemasters' who was instrumental in helping Maggie get back into diving.

Simon - our smooth talking, card shuffling divemaster.  The man is an absolute riot.

After two dives and a visit to Michaelmas Cay I can only say with a little sadness that the reef isn't looking it's once colourful self.  I remember swimming as a kid on the reef and the immediate colour and vibrancy of the coral would hit you right in the face!  Giant clams and a few anemone are all that remains of that once vivid memory.  The good new is the fish are still flourishing and looking wonderful!

I hope to go back and take in more of this wonderful sight and be prepared with more photos. ;)

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