Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today Maggie was battling vertigo on top of a giant rock overhanging the gorgeous Joesephine Falls so I could get this self portrait in for the New Zealand edition of Jasmine Star's Workshop! I love my Maggie who is a gorgeous 32 year old today!

She was holding out my main flash to light me up whilst my old favourite was perched on a rock.  The second flash gave me the lovely starburst in the background.

I've been um-ing and ah-ing about entering this competition but the 5th of January will be my 30th and what a lovely way of spending it than in New Zealand and further setting the foundations for my future!

More to come from the trip including a complete lack of shots from our dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef!
I'll explain why in a later post.  ;)

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