Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's bedtime

The light was right and I had only just sat back in bed and there she was smiling back at me. 
Have you ever stopped to stare at a smile?  The eyes have it when it's real.

Maggie, I love you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Five

It's a simple snack.  Spinach and fetta in a puff pastry triangle that once baked produces the glorious creation that is the pastizzi.  I love mine a little doughy so I don't bake it anywhere near as much as most but just enough to brown up the tips which ensures that most of the pastry gets into you rather than pastizzi fodder all over the livingroom carpet!

Maggie seems to becoming more brave on crutches and exploring the house.  The shower is a better experience too as we've got the process down pat.  Towels out, milk crate in the stall, lower, shower, dry and towels into the bucket and milk crate in the bath.

She'll be dancing soon!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So much for commuting...

I started off that seven day post much like a lot of things, with a particular focus in mind and it didn't work out that way.

Yesterday a mate, Ben had a birthday dinner at Libertine's in North Melbourne.  Out came the pig before it was carved.  The ladies ooohed and aaaahed, the men grunted their approval and called him Arnie the pig.  I can't begin to describe how manificient Arnie tasted.  I've never used succulent to describe meat before because there was always something missing or something that detracted. 

Arnie was the best darned serve of pork I've had yet and serves up as Day four.

Wasn't expecting that!

An old mate of mine invited me out for a night of ice skating at the new rink on Docklands.  I invited Maggie along and we got there early for a sticky straight after work.

Little did we realise this would be such a poignant photo

It's a fantastically set up twin rink facility which also serves as the centre for Australia's Winter Olympic Efforts and the staff are top notch.  It's rare that you walk into a publically accessible area in Australia and you're greeted at the door by someone who loves their job.  Top notch.

After an hour and a half of walking around the rink was declared open for Friday night's recreational skate.  I began to break away from the wall and Maggie was gingerly making her way around.  After three successful circumnavigations Maggie slipped, tried to catch herself and slammed her knee into the wall which popped it out.

The next 20 minutes she spent in excruciating pain while the Ambo's tried to make their way through traffic.  She was bad but the staff and my mate, Marissa did their best to keep her calm and in check.

We were off to the Alfred and four hours later we were on the way back home with a splint and crutches.  For a friday night I was expecting a few more people in Emergency at the Alfred which was probably a reason we got through so fast.  Maggie's up for six to eight weeks of recovery now and I'm going to help her where I can.

So here's day three of the seven day project.

Life's not so bad on a local!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seven Days - 1 & 2

A mate of mine made the suggestion on a local forum that the Aussie participants should start their own "Seven images, seven day" project.  Sort of a smaller brother to his 365 project.

I didn't think about it and just stuck my hand up.  What would I shoot?
Today is day 2 and I thought to myself, "Wait. I'm on a train for 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday. That's not a reason to not have subjects to shoot!"

It also gives me a chance to use my new equipment purchases everyday so I'm familiar with it's functions and the old gear because practice makes perfect!

Damn.  It's going to be a challenge but here's the first 2 days.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I pushed hard for this shoot in the Melbourne Strobist group.  We needed to shoot a subject other than models!  I do love being able to shoot them but there comes a point where we're shooting them to get them their shots instead of honing our creative skills.

That was the whole point of the shoots in the beginning but now there's so many shots to get whilst 'trying' to practice lighting that it boils down to 10 minutes to setup and capture an image.  Damn, that's harsh.

Six of us gathered instead to shoot ourselves and families and I was able to capture mine. The day started with lunch before we began to shoot.  It was relaxed and I got my shots whilst helping out some of the newer photographers and shooting the shit with some of the more experienced ones.

It may have been a little too relaxed though as I forgot about getting shots of the other guys!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It gets busy but it feeds me...

Before I really got back into photography I use to sit on the couch a lot of a weekend and let the time pass.  I might limit, yes limit.  I'd limit myself to booking in one outing for the weekend and that was it and now I've got this thirst to book myself solid with an opportunity to shoot, shoot, shoot!  It's odd, when I was really into motorcycling it was great then I became sick of it after working in the industry. Bikes were the last thing I wanted to look at and then there was this period between photography and cars/bikes where I just didn't have any inspiration.

Now that a camera is what I grab with my wallet as I walk out the door it also gives me a reason to improve my blogging with something to write about.

Write frequently, improve.  I need to improve on my blogging, I need to excercise the ol' vernacular and it's much like what I do with my photography.  Shoot frequently and improve.

Saturday had me shooting with Nicole, Laura & Aimee and it was a lot of fun.  Special thanks to Gary who brought in his spankin' XP Falcon. I got to practice my photography and practice my directing skills.  Skills I want to weild with confidence.

I do love being part of shoots like this as it gives me a rare opportunity to be purely creative.