Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I pushed hard for this shoot in the Melbourne Strobist group.  We needed to shoot a subject other than models!  I do love being able to shoot them but there comes a point where we're shooting them to get them their shots instead of honing our creative skills.

That was the whole point of the shoots in the beginning but now there's so many shots to get whilst 'trying' to practice lighting that it boils down to 10 minutes to setup and capture an image.  Damn, that's harsh.

Six of us gathered instead to shoot ourselves and families and I was able to capture mine. The day started with lunch before we began to shoot.  It was relaxed and I got my shots whilst helping out some of the newer photographers and shooting the shit with some of the more experienced ones.

It may have been a little too relaxed though as I forgot about getting shots of the other guys!

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