Monday, March 29, 2010

Veronika & Dwayne

This weekend was epic.  One birthday party in the morning followed by a wedding between two of Victoria's finest.  Here's what has become my favourite image of the night and just a teaser of what's to come.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Portraits and mates

Must blog tonight, should have blogged yesterday, damn, didn't blog!

Okay here it is now.  I haven't blogged because I'm really! No, got me. It's one of those new whatszitsnames that I've yet to incorporate into my daily routine and it's not as if I've nothing to say or little shoots to speak of, I do!  I grew up speaking the language of man...grunts.  Eloquence was not my forte however with this old passion of mine I've now added focus and hope to see this blog take off and teach me to excercise my skills with writing.

Take for example, a couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to meet up with an old, old workmate's sister who needed some shots she would eventually use to promote her endevours as a singer.  I spent two wonderful hours creating a great range of shots and furthering my off camera flash techniques which I had lost a little faith in over the past few months.

Hannah turned out very well with some very dignified portraits of herself.

A little one light portraiture was praticed and it was "full on awesome" to be able to hone my work with strobes, my directorial skills and spend a few hours creating great portraits rather than the usual 20 minute sessions I've endured in the past.

Fast forward to last weekend when another old mate made the post on Facebook declaring her boredom!  I pushed on her to get out on a Saturday and let me make a great portrait of her and her bike.  A little persistence saw Marisa drag a mate down to the grounds of the ACCA in South Melbourne where we caught up and I heard the sound of the new 09 R1 with a tasty set of Akrapovic pipes singing the songs of the big bang motor.

That was a treat in itself!


"Alright guys, I might be late from lunch.  I'm seeing dad while he goes through his next session."
With that I got the heck outta dodge! 

We chatted about work, the news, overclocking computers and mum heading back to Cairns to make
sure her resturant is okay as well as poke fun at each other.  It's a comforting feeling when you're just shooting the proverbial with family.  It's better when you realise how much it means to yourself.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twice a month...get creative

Okay, okay, EVERYDAY I take a few shots and sometimes really create an image that I love but for most of the time they are images that I'll keep to remind me of who I was.  The other effect of constantly creating images is when I'm out shooting for clients is the images come to me easier.  It keeps the ol' gears going, it keeps my creative engine warm otherwise I'll end up pulling the photographer's equivilent of a ham string and "Brain go dark, Mongo no more make photo."

And that just won't do!

So from the sunrise in my mirrors....

To my dog on the dining room carpet...

To my missus' farrier...

To the monthly shoots I have within the community of local photographers...

To my dad going through a session of Chemo... all works to keep me going as a human being.  I love photography, I love to live it, I love want it gives me.