Friday, November 6, 2009

On leave...

I'm on leave with my missus in Far North Queensland.  My folks are up here so it's a popular place to go.

From a wet Victoria we stopped in sunny Sydney.

Maggie's mum sent us on the way with sandwiches that I didn't think we'd get through but boy were they great.  A bit heavy on the spanish onions which was quite obvious when we found a quiet corner of the terminal to sit and bust open the zip loc bags.  Two other travellers sitting close by got up and took off!

I'll leave the trip there and with another note as I've got to head on down to mum's resturant for a little dinner.  I have forgotten to upload Burke & Diana's wedding photos for all of you!  I was so excited with that one shot I dismissed having to post further shots, heck, I've delivered the photos to them but I forgot about the fanclub!

I'll try to get some up when I get back home!

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