Thursday, January 28, 2010

A big day

What are you doing on Australia day?

Not this year.  Maggie and I started off helping her brother move his fish tank out of his townhouse and into our home which ain't an easy task considering the tank itself is 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep and just as tall and you CAN'T forget about the cabinet it sits on either!  It's a tight squeeze in our little home but we'll foster them until he can find a more permanent home.  That was half the day.

After tearing it all down and putting it all back together Maggie and I finally got rid of our two motorcycles.  Lots of fun times but priorities change and we'll be back soon enough anyway.  The Super Tenere went to a mate I know through photography whilst Maggie's SV was sold to some very close friends and after all the delivering was done it was 7 o'clock and time to buster down to Murrumbeena to enjoy dinner with my dad, sister, brother in-law and her in-laws, Rick & Mary.

Jen & Dave recently overhauled their garden and patio areas in order to reclaim some gorgeous living area in inner suburban Melbourne.  It looks spectacular.


The Chicken may have been a little undercooked but among good company you over look these things.

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