Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Handy tips for the Second Photographer

2nd Photographer. Most people sign on for the experience so they can improve themselves and at the end of the day "myself" is all they think of.

The first time I shot a wedding as 2nd, yes, I was lucky enough to be given a free run and some opportunities to develop but when it came down to it I was there to support the photographer.

I've been reminded of that wedding because of a post made by Jasmine Star. There were two things I should have done better.

The first was my dress sense. Although I was smartly dressed I didn't dress to the same standard as the photographer I was supporting.

The second was to know where everything was in the gear bags. I was able to work everything but was fumbling trying to locate gear.

I think I'll easily do better on the next round which is odd as I was swinging toward NEVER shooting weddings again after the first. Reflection tends to change you.

For now have a wonder through Jasmine's blog, I really do admire her style. Her blog design is "to die for." ;)

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