Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Kittens & A Family Portrait Opportunity

"Getting the cats before we have Vietnamese might not be good." I replied to Maggie tongue in cheek. Off we went for Friday lunch with a couple of my workmates.
Friday lunch at work is a fresh thing that I've been enjoying of late. Four workmates go out to a restaurant for food, the odd drink and some decent conversation and unlike the Friday night get together the wind down seems more effective.

After lunch Maggie popped down to the Lort Smith to pick up our new kittens, Murray & Lilly and brought them by work for a quick looksie.

They've settled in now and have run of the house which was an easy decision to make considering the proficiency of their house training. Kody, our Labrador loves them however Pokie, would rather they stay at one end of the house and himself in the other.

Here they are from their first morning here. They found some paper work and were spreading it around down the side of the bed.

On another note, one of Maggie's workmates, Chrissy, was quite impressed with my shoot with Laura and asked if I would shoot a family portrait for her. Maggie passed on my acceptance during a night shift and she was so excited she was literally speechless. Apparently she doesn't own a single group shot of her family together so it will be a first for me and I'm quite excited.

I'll draw up some ideas but this will be a shoot I'm really looking forward to.

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