Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The best weekend yet


It started off a little uninspiring as I bummed around Tony Ryan's Studio while everyone else got stuck into shooting with their models.

Ross my team mate for the Flickr strobist meet started shooting and I sorta-kinda shot as well but was getting as much inspiration from my shots as I was putting in.

Sweet F.A.

Lunch came and went and the gears started turning...slowly. Gradually I was getting back into my creative groove and then they started humming along nicely when I got a knudge, "Al, we're off to the laneway again. The Mustang is coming out."


I love painting a scene and creating a story with my photography and shooting with the Mustang really helped bring all of that out.

After that it was a quick blast home from Northcote to pick up my missus and celebrate a mate's birthday. Joe is a Country Fire Authority member and recently gave up a bit of his time to concrete our driveway and patio. Shooting his family and doing a simple couple portrait, whilst a little inebriated was the least I could do!

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