Monday, April 5, 2010

There's a few things I love...

My dogs and my missus are the most forgiving and understanding of all my worldly "possessions" and we spend a great deal of meaningful time together but this month marks the leash free season at the majority of local beaches in Melbourne which is a great time for us and our dogs.  Kody gets plenty of water to play in and Pokie enjoys the wide expanse of 'track' to sprint on when he's not feeling too clingy.

The weather is great for it at the moment as it means I'm very willing to wade out into the water with Kody.  As the days become shorter though the winter warmers will be put on for each walk.  It's not so bad walking down Carrum beach during winter but the walk back reminds us that it really is winter as we walk against the chilling winter wind.

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