Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Flickring and a strobin'

Yesterday was spent with the people of the Melbourne Flickr Strobist Group and being the second time around for me I was rather revved up about it.

Firstly I needed to have breakfast and the best damned baked goodness is found at the Swiss Bakehouse on Stephenson's Rd. Bagels, I love Bagels and they've got them in spades.
On arriving at the Bakery I let Maggie order for us while I worked out the maths for Rolls...we were organising the catering today as well as shooting. Eyebrows shot skywards when I asked for,
"Fifty Rolls please and can I start with ten of the White knots?"
"Fifty please"
"One, Five?"
"Five, Oh."

After that and a little breakie in the car we both decided to head into Richie's IGA for cold cuts and drinks. It was all quite an ad hoc way of organising the catering but well seeing as I was settled on ordering Pizza (A Melbourne Strobist default) it was worth it and everyone loved the choice. "REAL FOOD! THANKS!" was the comment heard most. ;)

I tells ya, I've got to get a trolley or wheels back on my Pelican 0340 case because that mother is a bastard to carry when it's packed like a Esky.

The great thing about a Strobist meet is having to call on your creativity in order to set your lights, settings and work with a model to create a scene without any planning. Right there and then, create an image or go home.

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